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  1. Baba Yaga

    Baba Yaga


    In Baba Yaga, you need to escape the claws of the hideous Baba Yaga. To do so, however, you need to collect the ingredients for your three spell cards, and to do that you need to search the forest while Baba Yaga searches for you.

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  2. Bugs & Co.

    Bugs & Co.


    In this game, everyone plays at the same time, and players' speed and memory skills get a thorough workout! Learn More
  3. Chicken Cha Cha Cha

    Chicken Cha Cha Cha



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    In this excellent memory game for children, steal the feathers of other chickens in order to win! Learn More
  4. Cowabunga



    In this reworking of Fettnapf, your cow rides high on the wave, dodging obstacles as you play number cards to raise or lower the water level. Learn More
  5. Croak!



    Send out your queen and her servants to explore the best pathways in order to drive opposing frogs out of the pond, while avoiding its traps. You might even jump off a water lily to find yourself in presence of some handsome male and make baby frogs!

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  6. Der Kleine Konig

    Der Kleine Konig


    The little king and his friends want to paint a pretty picture for his aunt on her birthday, but they've misplaced all the pails of paint. Help them find the paint so that they can paint their colorful picture. Who will collect the most colors?

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  7. Gespensterturm



    It's ten o'clock, and the ghosts in the haunted clock tower are ready to have fun roaming up and down the stairs rattling their chains – but they must return to their rooms in the tower before the clock strikes midnight, and you need to help them find one another so that they can go home in time! Learn More
  8. Monster Chase

    Monster Chase


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    Use your toys to scare all of the monsters back into the closet, in this cooperative children's game. Learn More
  9. Sagaland



    One treasure is hidden under each tree in the forest. As you move from tree to tree, you get to peek at the treasures you find. Can you remember where each one is hidden? When the king asks where one of the treasures is, players race to reach the castle with the right information.

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  10. Sherlock



    This is a wonderful memory game (for kids and adults, alike!), wherein the detective is moved according to arrows on each card. Players have to remember the card the detective lands on. Learn More
  11. Spooky Stairs

    Spooky Stairs


    Be the first child to sneak up the stairs and scare the ghost with a "BOO!", in this 2004 Winner of the Children's Game of the Year Award (Germany). Learn More
  12. Taiga



    The Taiga is home to many kinds of animals. Families of red foxes, porcupines, beavers, snowy owls and caribou live there, hidden in nature. Sarah and Jacob, two biologists, are trying to study them and need to take a closer look. Can you help them find the hidden animals in this memory and deduction game?

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  13. The Magic Labyrinth

    The Magic Labyrinth


    Collect your lost objects in the maze, in this great game of magnets and memory. Learn More

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