Strategic Level Conflict

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  1. Clash of Cultures

    Clash of Cultures


    From Christian Marcussen, the creator of Merchants and Marauders, comes Clash of Cultures, a civilization game in which each player leads a civilization from a single settlement to a mighty empire. Learn More
  2. Crown of Roses

    Crown of Roses


    Crown of Roses is a 3-hour block game set during the turbulent years of the Wars of the Roses in 15th Century England. Learn More
  3. Here I Stand

    Here I Stand


    Here I Stand covers all the action of 16th Century Europe, using a unique card-driven game system that models both the political and religious conflicts of the period on a single point-to-point map. Learn More
  4. Revolution: the Dutch Revolt

    Revolution: the Dutch Revolt


    Simulate the independence movement in the Spanish Netherlands during the 16th and 17th centuries - in this fantastic, sprawling classic from Francis Tresham. Learn More
  5. Twilight Imperium

    Twilight Imperium



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    The players represent ancient galactic civilizations attempting to seize the Imperial Throne, in this 3rd edition reprint of the classic Twilight Imperium game.

    Learn More
  6. Virgin Queen

    Virgin Queen


    This sequel to Here I Stand is a game of grand strategy for two to six players based on the military, political and religious conflicts within Europe during the reigns of Elizabeth I of England and Philip II of Spain. Learn More

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