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Great Boardgames
60 Bathurst Drive
Unit 24
Waterloo, ON
N2V 2A9

Great games. Great Selection. Great prices.

Great Boardgames (formerly German Boardgame Company) was formed in 1999, becoming Canada's first company devoted to sales of European-style board games and card games -- both domestic and imported. Since then, Great Boardgames has become one of North America's premiere sources for the acquisition of general interest, specialized Euro-style games, and North American games. Don't let our low prices fool you; we offer the best customer service around!

Our goal is to have a well-rounded stock selection of the finest boardgames around, regardless of their origin. We strive to avoid stocking games that are weak or "broken"; you will rarely find them on our list. At ~30% off of suggested retail prices, our prices are amongst the lowest in Canada. Additionally, our shipping rates are also quite low; we offer "free shipping" and "flat rate shipping" rates to all Canadian provinces.

Our company has been featured in a CBC Radio One interview ("Ontario Today"), and in a front page feature article (Business Section) in the Kitchener-Waterloo Record (Kitchener, Ontario). We were quoted as a source for designer boardgames in a feature article in the Toronto Star, and were mentioned in an article on European boardgames, in an article in the New York Times.

If you purchase games from Great Boardgames, you are supporting our vision of offering a continuously refreshed source of new games, as well as the best of the backlist Euro- and North American style games that we have all come to love over the past few years. What would the gaming world be, without titles such as "Terra Mystica", "7 Wonders", "Settlers of Catan", "Agricola", "Carcassonne" and "Puerto Rico"? A poorer place, for sure...

The Great Boardgames Team