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Bohnanza Expansion German

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Adds new bean types to the mayhem, adds a possible bonus through the use of Job Cards, and offers play to a maximum of 7 players.

Bohnanza Expansion German

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IMPORTANT NOTE: This expansion requires the "Bohnanza" game. It is not a stand alone product.

Règles en français disponibles, par demande.

The expansion set expands the number of possible players from 3 to 5 to 3 to 7.

Contents: 24 Coffee beans (Kaffeebohne), 22 Brandy beans (Weinbrandbohne), 4 Cocoa beans (Kakaobohne), 3 Field beans (Ackerbohne), 39 Job cards, 14 1st and 2nd beanfield cards.

The revised Bohnanza Expansion is a new, larger edition of the original expansion. The revised expansion contains the original extra Bean cards: 24 Kaffeebohne, 22 Weinbrand-bohne, 4 Kakaobohne, and a single 3rd field card for the seventh player. New to the revised expansion are the 3 Ackerbohne (Field beans), which require you to possess all three cards to be able to harvest 3 talers. However, you may also harves only 2 beans, and you'll receive a free 3rd Bean Field.

The new cards only come into play with 4 or 5 players, so they're effect on the game is minimal. The 1 and 2-bean field cards also effect the game only minimally, although they do help keep the playing area well organized.

Something that has more effect on the game are the 39 Auftrag cards (Job Cards), which have a green pattern on their backs instead of blue. Each player keeps one of these cards in his hand at any time. These Job Cards are stacked in a deck next to the deck containing the bean cards. At the beginning of the game, players receive one of these Job Cards after they've been dealt their initial hand of Bean Cards. As the game progressed, of course this Job Card will advance towards the left of the player's hand; when it is at the far left, it must be placed on the table in front of the player below his bean fields. The player may plant a first bean card, but no more than that. If the player cannot fulfill the requirements of the Job card during his turn, the card is discarded and he draws another Job Card, to be added to his hand as a last card, on the right. During a player's turn, he may also play a Job card regardless of where the job card is positioned in his hand, as long as he can fulfill the job requirements; in this case the card doesn't count towards the two cards planted. Each Job card show 2 numbers separated by a slash. Players strive to plant two fields containing exactly that number of cards. The fields must be adjacent to each other, and the left field must contain the first number of beans. If the requirements are met during a player's turn, he indicates that the job has been fulfilled and he converts the job card to a single taler.

Additional Information

Estimated release date N/A
Publisher Amigo
Year 2001
Designer Uwe Rosenberg
Language German import. English translation provided.
Edition 1st
Time 45 - 60 mins
Minimum Age 12
# of players 3 - 7
Themes Bohnanza Series
Mechanics N/A