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Founding Fathers

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From the designers of 1960 Making of the President, strive to become the founding father with the most renown at the end of the game. Your delegates represent a state, defend an issue and have a special ability.

  • $19.95

Founding Fathers is a board/card game for 2-5 players by Jason Mathews and Christian Leonhard, the designers of 1960. In Founding Fathers, players seek to be the man remembered for the creation of the United States constitution via skillful play of state delegations, debate, and the personalities of the attending delegates. Each delegate has his own special power as well as a factional alliance--federalist, anti-federalist, etc.

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Time90 - 120 mins
Minimum Age 10
# of players 3 - 5
ThemesPolitics, Americana
Mechanicsset collecting, card-driven battle