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Homesteaders 10th Anniversary Edition

Homesteaders is a "Wild West" auction and resource management game. Bid on buildings, spend resources to build these structures that can confer abilities, income and points.

  • $68.95

Beginning in the mid 1800's, brave and ambitious settlers traveled west across the United States, emboldened by the lure of a better life and an innate sense of adventure. These early settlers did not know what kind of life awaited them, but they pressed onward, in the hopes of finding a better life for themselves and their families.

This spirit is the focus of one of Tasty Minstrel Games very first published titles, Homesteaders, from designer Alex Rockwell.

Long out of print, TMG is now bringing the game back as part of their 10 year Anniversary Extravaganza!

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PublisherTasty Minstrel
DesignerAlex Rockwell
LanguageEnglish edition
Edition10th Anniversary
Time75 - 90 mins
Minimum Age 13
# of players 2 - 4
ThemesWild West
Mechanicsauction, execution of unique special abilities