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Puerto Rico

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Puerto Rico

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Great game for avid gamers Review by B.J. Henderson
If you play board games regularly with a
consistent group, this is the game for you.
There is virtually no luck in the game. You
have to constantly adapt your strategy in
reaction to your competitions tactics. Puerto
Rico is fantastic!!
(Posted on 13-12-01)
Great Game Review by Dan
This is a great game for four people. I
recommend adding a few extra colonists to the
starting amount, this tends to extend the game
just enough to make the larger buildings
worthwhile. Otherwise the game is almost always
limited by the # of colonists.
(Posted on 13-12-01)
GameLoversGame Review by Russel D
This game is awesome. As a gamer who usually plays
in groups of 3-4 it is perfect. On more than one
occasion we've played multiple games till the wee
hours of the morning. Games last about 1.5 hours
and newbies can pick up the basics in minutes. Do
yourselves a favor and go out and buy this game.
It's a keeper :P.

A few points of strategy that I use:

At the Beginning of the Game I use this strategy.

When in "Settlers" Phase - Focus on getting
quarries to save on building costs and get corn
which is cheap to produce. Try to get at least 2
quarries. This will save money and allow free
buildings like "small market" and "small indigo"

When in "Builders" phase focus on the "Hacienda"
or "University". Having at least one of these is
critical. Colonists are a crucial part of production.

Once you have one of these you should consider the
money makers like producing "coffee", large
"market", or my favorite the "factory".

Most importantly, always try to benefit when
others cannot.
(Posted on 13-12-01)
Peurto Rico Review by Luke Kvasnicka
This is a great game that me and my family play
and although it says for ages 12+ my little 7
year old sister is probably the most
enthusiastic player in the family. This game
involves a lot of strategy and it is easily the
best game that i own.
(Posted on 13-12-01)
No Dice Review by Greg Fleming
My friends and I have enjoyed playing this game
hours on end. We especially like the no dice
aspect of the game, making it an all strategy
and no element of chance type of game.
(Posted on 13-12-01)
Puerto Rico fascinates Review by Karl Rainer
This is a strategy game where strategy is necessary but never possible... and that's what makes it so much fun! Everything you do must be weighed against other possibilities, adapted to the situation, measured in terms of what others will do and what you want to do in subsequent turns, and fit in with the current plan... and
then often a new plan must be developed. It's taken a while for me to warm up to this one BECAUSE no rigid strategy is really possible and
the feel for the consequences of each action take a while to learn, but it's been worth it. I don't believe the game is suitable for casual gamers, nor does it really work well with a group of
players of mixed ability, but if you have a serious gamer's group, you will play this one over and over.
(Posted on 13-12-01)
Often ends too abruptly Review by Paul Suggitt
As mentioned in other reviews, Puerto Rico is a game of adaptation more than execution of an overall strategy. Most times choosing an action that is best for you at that exact moment (compared to what that action does for your opponents) is the best strategy. However,
sometimes you need to consider who goes next and so on into the near future to determine your best action.

Sometimes I feel end game comes too abruptly; too soon to make good use of the higher-priced buildings, especially the large buildings.

There is very little you can do to handicap your opponent in an attempt to overtake them. No "poke in the eye" capability as we call it. Once you have a lead, its not hard to keep it in the short time it takes to finish the game.

I will experiment with rules changes to try to fix these issues. Perhaps NEVER putting money on the Mayor, and/or granting the special bonus to large buildings even if they are not occupied at end game.

Overall a good game, it gets re-play in our group as some other games we have (for which I would give a higher score) are less tolerated.
(Posted on 13-12-01)
SuperAwesomeGoodGame Review by Tom Armstrong
This game is extremely, ridiculously fun. If I could give an infinite score for it I would. It is just superawesomegood game. However, as someone else said, it does end rather abruptly sometimes.
But, I noticed that if you change the rules to make it end not aruptly it goes on for too long. So really the abrubtlyness is very good. GO PUERTO RICO!!! And also, on an unrelated note, Bohnanza
is very good and so is Settler's of Catan.
(Posted on 13-12-01)
split opinion Review by Chris Pieters
I've got 2 different opinions on this game, and
therefore, really 2 different ratings.

I'd give it a '9' and heartily recommend it IF
you play in a gaming group with 3-4 players AND
will regularly have players with some Puerto Rico

With casual gamers, however, or with only 2 or 5,
I'd give it only a '6' and not really recommend

I suppose this is true of many gamers' games;
this just happens to be the only >2 one that I

Oh, sure, it might still be enjoyable on
occasion, but this game requires 'whole game'
ideas in order to do well. You need to know what
the buildings do (ie. their true relative worth),
and how and which you might incorporate into your
own plan, as it develops. Casual gamers will
likely not have this. I find that I cannot play
it anymore this way, as none of us enjoy just
watching me run away with it for about 90
minutes - better to play something else.

With 5 players, it is a LOT tougher to implement
a real strategy, as there are more cutthroat
actions to be had by filling up boats or trading
house. Can be fun, mind you, but HAS to be with
the right group of folks.

I don't know where they came up with the timing
for this game either. I've NEVER had one go 2
hours; should likely say '75 - 90 minutes'.
(Posted on 13-12-01)
puerto rico Review by dave b
The primary question is: does Puerto Rico live up to all the hype that you read on the net? Yes, it does. It's an excellent game with an interesting theme, quality bits and good replay value. Negatives? The game mechanics are somewhat repetitive and there are few surprises (or chaos). I am not sure if families will be dying to play
Puerto Rico but they really aren't the target audience anyway. Also, i wish there was an index card listing the different types of buildings and their bonus'. Anyway, Puerto Rico is a must buy especially if you enjoyed Princes of Florence.
(Posted on 13-12-01)

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