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Dominion 2nd Edition

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Dominion 2nd Edition

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A great deck building game Review by Graydon
This was my first time trying a deck building game and have had a lot of fun. The game has a lot of replay ability with all the combinations of kingdom cards. I am looking forward to picking up more of the expansions. (Posted on 15-12-24)
Better late than never Review by Aro
I'm late to the deck building party, as I'd have to agree that Dominion is a must play, must have game for anyone not living under a rock (who likes games).

This game is fantastically simple yet elegant. Unlike deck building in games such as Magic: The Gathering, all of your deck building happens after the game starts. This is such a brilliant idea.

Not only does adding new, better cards help you -- but so does removing old, junky ones. This leads to a lot of diverse strategies including many different ways to pull ahead of your opponent. Sometimes it's worth attacking them, and other times it's worth ignoring them and just buying some really great cards to improve your deck engine.

The game does lack theme. I don't feel like my imagination is being engaged when I play this game in the same way that I don't feel Chess causes me to imagine a grand battle between empires. Dominion, then, is a lot like Chess in that it is a clean strategy game without too much luck (although I'm sure Chess has less).

Dominion is easy to pick up and even casual gamers like it. I'm starting to look at the expansions, and they add quite a bit of variety to the game.

I do think it's only drawback is that even with all the expansions, the game can only be so diverse without adding additional complexity to the game (like extra tokens and between turn things you have to track, etc). For this reason, I think Dominion is best at just being pure Dominion and if it ever tries to get away from that it would make the game a lot worse...kind of like why Chess is so much better than 3d Chess.

I really think Dominion, at least the base game, should be in everyone's home. The games are quick, and work great with 3 players (although 2 and 4 are still fun). This means it's pretty easy to find enough people who are willing to play.

Personally, I couldn't be satisfied with playing nothing but Dominion all night...but it's definitely something you want to come back to again and again. (Posted on 14-07-30)
Excellent play, quick games Review by Christian Monterroso
I wasn't sure that I would like Dominion when I
first heard information about it. Lots of cards
and... nothing else? Well, I tried and am I ever
glad that I did. Dominion offers that rare
combination of strategy, tactics, variety and fun
in a 30 minute game.
The game plays very quickly after one or two games
spent learning the card powers. The fact that
each game only uses 10 out of the 25 possible card
types means that each game is slightly different,
providing a great deal of replayability.
This one is a big winner at my home.
(Posted on 13-12-01)
Incredible replay value Review by Kirt P.
Aside from the great artwork, ease of setup, and
fantastic interplay between the cards,
Dominion's strongest selling feature is the
sheer number of variations possible each time it
is played. With only 10 of a possible 25 decks
being used, (with a neato expansion on the way),
Dominion cannot be boiled down to a formulaic
victory each time. Sure, you will have your
favorites, but if they don't show up, you must
choose a new direction.
The only drawback is the very large box to hold
what amounts to a few hundred cards.
Easy to learn, and quick to play, Dominion will
see many hours of play.
(Posted on 13-12-01)
Great Family Fun Review by Chris
Played this at a game night at a friend's place and
was hooked. Taught it to my 9 and 11 year old, and
now it's the only game they both want to play as a
family. Easy to learn, great strategy, and replay-
ability! As everyone else said, with 10 decks to use
out of 25 the game is never the same. Planning on
purchasing the expansion packs soon too!
(Posted on 13-12-01)
Quick Play, Shallow Learning Curve, Replayability Review by Hobbe
This is one of those wonderful games that allows
people of all sorts of personalities to come
together for fun times. The idea of building up a
personal deck of cards means that even those less
tactically-minded people can enjoy playing. It
helps that the game is easy to explain and has
more than one possible end-game scenario - which
makes for a fast game (30 minutes or so).

I love the replayability of this game where you
can choose 10 out of 25 action cards to play with.
The box, although big, is quite useful for keeping
cards organized and allowing the game to be setup
very quickly.
(Posted on 13-12-01)
Awesome game for husband and wife Review by Jonathan
This game is a lot of fun, plays quick and has a
"let''s play again" factor to it. Lots of card
combos means that you can play over and over again
without getting bored. Big thumbs up!
(Posted on 13-12-01)
The game we always come back to Review by Sharmon
This game seemed pretty easy at first, making it great for learning and introducing to new gamers, but as we got into it, it became more of a challenge to beat the opponents. This game is about who makes the best decisions at the best times. There is much more strategy to it than first meets the eye. It is one of those rare games that when you lose, you say, " Alright, we have to try this again!" It is so quick in the turn sequence, that you don't feel bogged down at all, and it really does not matter if you play with 2 players, or 6. The game is just as good with any number. I have 6 expansions to this game, so we never play the same game twice. Fantastic design! (Posted on 13-11-11)
Most fun I've ever had with a card game! Review by Jojococo123
Great game that I learned to play in five minutes. Game length can vary from 5 minute to half an hour, depending on your skill. Overall just a fun, easy game. (Posted on 13-05-17)
Great simple game with a lot of depth. Review by Tyson
This game is incredibly easy to learn. Excellent introductory game for non gamers. Dominion varies each time you play it because you use a different combination of cards every game, this gives you endless replayability. The only problem I found is that some games have very little interaction. If you don't play with many attack cards it can be a pretty quiet game. Other than this rare occurance the game is a blast and an easy must buy. (Posted on 12-12-02)

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