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Black Backed Euro Card Sleeves

Pack of 100 card sleeves. Examples of games with cards that this sleeve will fit: Agricola , Dominion, Le Havre, San Juan, Taj Mahal, Stone Age and more!

  • $2.49

So what is the difference between this and our standard euro sleeve? The sizes are exactly the same, but the back of these are solid black in color so you can't see through them. What good is this? If you buy a game and then play it and then buy an expansion for it then chances are your cards are worn and faded on the first game while the expansion cards look brand new. In other words you can tell where the card came from just by looking at the back, even with clear sleeves. With black-backed sleeves you can sleeve all your cards and you won't be able to tell the difference among sets of worn or new cards.

Yes these do fit Dominion by Rio Grande Games and yes the cards will actually fit back in the box with the sleeves on them! You may have to re-arrange a few copper/silver but the rest of the items will fit back in the slots they are intended to go into! Here is how many packs of sleeves you would need for Dominion:

Dominion Base Game - 500 Cards, 5 packs of sleeves.

Dominion Intrigue Game - 500 Cards, 5 packs of sleeves.

Dominion Seaside Expansion - about 270 Cards, 3 packs of sleeves.

In each pack you are getting 100 sleeves that are perfectly sized for 59 X 92 MM Cards, the most popular card size for euro games including:

Agricola, Alhambra, Babel, Balloon Cup, Battlelore Board Game, Battlelore: Call To Arms, Battlelore: Heroes, Battlelore: Scottish Wars, Blue Moon City, Castle for All Seasons, Cuba, Cuba: El Presidente Exp., Dominion, Dominion Intrigue, Duel In the Dark, Hellas, Intrigue (Dominion Sequel), Jambo, Jambo Expansion, Kakerlaken Poker, Le Havre, Lord of the Rings and all LOR Expansions, Mag•Blast Third Edition, Memoir '44, Memoir '44 - Air Pack, Memoir '44 - Operation Overlord, Notre Dame, San Juan, Starship Catan, Stone Age, Taj Mahal, Torres, Witch's Brew, Princes of Florence....and more!

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