Free shipping on orders over $165 ON/QC. Over $100 but under $165 ON/QC shipping is $12.95. Elsewhere in Canada over $100 shipping is $14.95.

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1. Special Order Service
2. Availability of Items
3. Using the Great Boardgames Shopping Cart
4. Adding to an Existing Order
5. Online Credit Card ordering
Shipping Times and Costs Within Canada
7. Taxes
8. All Parts Included Guarantee
9. Insurance and Missing Shipments
10. Terms of Sale

1. Special Order Service

Don't see it? Email us a request and perhaps we can "Special Order" it in for you!

2. Availability of Items

The live, online inventory is very accurate. If you can "buy" it, it's in stock! If it's sold out, the "buy" button disappears and you cannot purchase it. So: no backorders! If, in the rare event it is not in stock, you will be contacted immediately and advised as much. If you want to be notified when we receive more stock of a sold out item, contact us and we'll advise you when we have the item again.

3. Using the Great Boardgames Shopping Cart

Follow the steps carefully to use the shopping cart. If you have difficulty completing the order, please carefully review the data you've inputted before contacting us. If, after that, you still experience difficulty using the shopping cart, contact us at

4. Adding to an Existing Order or Requesting that an order be held for more items

Please see our FAQ for detailed instructions.

5. Online Credit Card Ordering

We accept Visa and MasterCard.

We've spent a great deal of time developing our shopping cart and securing our site for credit card transactions. Our preferred method of payment is through the secure shopping cart/credit card company interface you'll encounter when you use the site and check out, etc. using the easy-to-use shopping cart. All credit card orders done through Great Boardgames are secured using some of the most secure professional security resources available (128-bit Secure Socket Layers (SSLA) technology). None of the credit card information is stored, we don't even receive the number, it is processed through the banks and credit card company immediately and taken from your Visa or MasterCard account. If you prefer to be phoned for credit card information, please phone 519-749-0042 and leave a message (including phone number you may be reached) if there is no answer.

Note to Customers Purchasing a gift, etc for Somebody Else

Please follow the directions in the shopping cart and enter both your address for billing purposes and the recipient's address for shipping purposes.

Great Boardgames does not charge a surcharge for using your credit card.

6. Shipping Times and Costs Within Canada

For all provinces, if the subtotal of your order (before shipping charge/taxes) is below $100, shipping is $19.95 plus taxes.

Ontario and Quebec: 1-5 business days after Canada Post pickup
Cost: Discounted Shipping $12.95 over $165, regardless of how many games are ordered. Over $165 = Free Shipping!
Extended Delivery Charge $10 Applies to postal codes where Canada Post applies a hefty fuel surcharge.

Alberta and British Columbia: 4-8 business days after Canada Post pickup
Cost: Discounted Shipping $14.95 over $100, regardless of how many games are ordered.
Extended Delivery Charge $10 Applies to postal codes where Canada Post applies a hefty fuel surcharge.

Saskatchewan, Manitoba, Nova Scotia, New Brunswick and P.E.I.: 4-8 business days after Canada Post pickup
Cost: Discounted Shipping $14.95 over $100, regardless of how many games are ordered.
Extended Delivery Charge $10 Applies to postal codes where Canada Post applies a hefty fuel surcharge.

Newfoundland: 4-8 business days after Canada Post pickup
Cost: Flat Rate $29.95 across the province.

Note that these delivery times are approximations only. Due to the volatile nature of the postal system and factors beyond our control, we regret that we cannot guarantee delivery time.

7. Taxes

Taxes are calculated, based on the address the package is being sent to, and varies from province to province.

8. All Parts Included Guarantee

If you receive your game and it's missing any parts, please contact the publisher/manufacturer of the game. If they don't respond within a reasonable amount of time, contact us and we'll try to help. While it is ultimately the manufacturer's responsibility to provide you with a complete game, please note that we have you "covered" in this regard.

9. Insurance and Missing Shipments

Please give us at least two weeks (Ontario) and three weeks (other provinces), from delivery date before requesting that we track a package. Let there be no worries: all packages are fully insured against loss.

During the month of December, please take into account that the entire delivery system gets slower around Christmas.

10. Terms of Sale

i Governing Law

This Agreement and any sales hereunder shall be governed by the laws of the Province of Ontario or the Country of Canada, as applicable.

ii Subject to Change without Notice

(To protect itself), Great Boardgames reserves the right to alter these terms and conditions, at any time, without providing written agreement to the customer.

iii Legal Credit Card Holder

By entering the credit card information, you are making a legal declaration that the credit card has been issued to you, that it is your legal name that appears on the card. You may not enter the credit card number of another person, as detailed in the cardholder's credit card agreement, originally signed by the card holder.

iv Billing Address

By entering your address in the billing address field, you are making a legal declaration that this is your legal billing address.

v Great Boardgames Privacy Policy

Great Boardgames saves personal information (name, address, phone number and email address) provided by the customer at time of checkout through the 128-bit SSLA Secured shopping cart. This personal information is used to be able to properly mail the order to the customer, or to communicate with the customer in case there is an issue with the order. At no time, present or future, will any customer information be provided to any source outside of Great Boardgames. Credit Card information is not stored by Great Boardgames, and (for obvious security reasons) is not stored on the Great Boardgames server.

vi Damaged or Missing Components

For games with damaged or missing components, Great Boardgames cannot be held responsible for the missing or damaged parts. The publisher (game manufacturer) will send you the missing or damaged parts; please contact us if you need to know how to get in touch with the publisher. We guarantee that you will be served by the game publisher, you will receive any missing or defective pieces as soon as they can get them to you!

vii Items under $20.00 Left out of Shipment

If we fail to include an item in your order $20 or less, we can either send it in a future shipment, or refund you for the missing item. Regrettably, we cannot ship an item under $20 separately, as our pricing structure is very low.

viii Return of Merchandise and Damaged Shipments:

Other items may be returned within 30 days of date of invoice, for full refund of the game (not including the original shipping) and sales tax, if any was paid. Notify us, before returning the product(s). The game(s) must be in its original shrinkwrap and undamaged, otherwise it is not acceptable for refund. The customer is responsible to pay for shipping back to Great Boardgames. Upon receipt of the returned items, the customer will be refunded for the games, under the following terms. i) The original shipping charge is non-refundable. ii) Since we charge flat-rate shipping and often ship games below our shipping cost, Great Boardgames reserves the right to refund less money to the customer, to cover the real-world cost we incurred to ship the item. iii) No refunds will be issued for items received damaged due to poor packing by the customer.

For Damaged Shipments, please do NOT reject a package if it is damaged. Your order is fully insured against damage and loss, but if you reject it outright it will boomerang back to us, we will be charged full shipping on it and we will not be able to make an insurance claim. If a package is rejected/returned to us by the customer, Great Boardgames will ask the customer to cover BOTH 1) the return cost to us (yes, Canada Post does charge us to return a shipment with an incorrect address) and 2) to ship the item a second time if the customer wants the package sent again.

ix Wrong address provided by customer OR Customer fails to pick up Package from the Post Office

a) PLEASE ENSURE THAT YOU HAVE ENTERED THE CORRECT ADDRESS, WITH APARTMENT NUMBER IF APPLICABLE. In the case that an incorrect or incomplete address is provided by the customer and the item is returned to Great Boardgames, Great Boardgames will ask the customer to cover BOTH 1) the return cost to us (yes, Canada Post does charge us to return a shipment with an incorrect address) and 2) to ship the item a second time.

b) If a customer fails to pick up the package and it is returned to Great Boardgames, Great Boardgames will refund the amount paid for the order(s) contained in the package MINUS Great Boardgames' entire shipping costs for the parcel that wasn't picked up. To be clear, this means the customer will be asked to pay the (actual) cost incurred by Great Boardgames for the entire Shipping Process: to 1. Send and 2. Have the Parcel shipped back to us due to the customer's negligence.

x We Reserve the right to increase the price on a "Preorder" item in the event that the price is raised by the manufacturer in the time between the initial price announcement from the manufacturer, and the time we are charged for the product

In the rare event that the *manufacturer* has raised the base price on the item between the time the product price is announced and we pay our suppliers for the product, we do, indeed, reserve the right to ask the customer to pay a price differential. Please note: this is a very rare occurence, reserved for circumstances where the price increase essentially removes our profit from the item. See the FAQ for more details on the reasoning behind this exception.

xi Use of Great Boardgames as Wholesale Source

Great Boardgames is not designed to supply items for resale. Great Boardgames reserves the right to cancel any order that it interprets as being for reasons of resale. This is due to our profit margins, our high work volume, and the model of flat-rate shipping that is offered. Supporting the selling of items for wholesale is, in many instances, not sustainable for Great Boardgames.

xii Canadian Funds

All Invoice totals are determined in Canadian funds (CND). We do not quote prices in currencies other than the Canadian Dollar(CND).

xiii Terms of Payment

All items must be paid for, in full, before delivery of merchandise will occur. Method of payment includes: VISA and MasterCard.

xiv Taxes and Duty

All taxes applicable to residents of Ontario and other Canadian customers are calculated at the time of sale, in their entirety. Great Boardgames assumes no responsibility for additional charges - if any - the customer may incur as a result of duties or taxes levied by U.S., Canadian, State or Provincial governments.

xv Delivery Time

After the order has been received, it will usually ship within 1-3 BUSINESS DAYS. This depends on the workload and time of year. While Great Boardgames strives to meet this standard of shipping, we do not guarantee shipping time.

xvi Deliveries to Remote Addresses

Very rarely, deliveries to certain remote addresses result in a potential excessive shipping charge to us. In these rare instances, Great Boardgames reserves the right to hold the shipment, until such time that the customer covers the cost for shipping.

xvi Emailed credit card information disclaimer of responsibility

Great Boardgames is NOT responsible for any losses due to emailing of the customer's credit card information to Great Boardgames. USE OUR SECURE WEBSITE TO DO YOUR TRANSACTION. Do NOT email your credit card information to us, under any circumstances.

xvii Asmodee Canada defective products

In case a product provided by Asmodee Canada is defective, we receive a credit from Asmodee Canada and we refund the price of the item to the customer.

xviii Refunds for items placed "on hold" for a customer for more than 30 calendar days

If you request a refund for your "HOLD-FOR-MORE" Sale on an item or items that have been removed for possible sale to others and held for you for more than 30 calendar days dating from the sale...Great Boardgames will refund the amount paid, minus a 5% surcharge due to our credit card charges (which are not refunded by the credit card company); our costs incurred for restocking the "sold" items; and sales lost because the items were not available for sale to other customers.