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Commands & Colors: Napoleonics

Recreate the epic battles of the Napoleonic era, in this core game which focuses on the French and the British.

  • $89.95

The Napoleonic historical period has always been one of our favorites and was actually the second historical game that we developed using the Commands & Colors system. The Wars of Napoleon rules at first glance may seem more complex than other Commands & Colors games, but if you are familiar with the game system, you are only a few short steps away from taking Command. Even if you have never played before, learning the fundamentals of the game system is straightforward and will be an enjoyable endeavor.

There is a wealth of subtle and bold features that set it apart from other historical periods and it truly embraces the tactical doctrines of France and the various nations that fought against Napoleon.

The core Wars of Napoleon game will feature French, British and Portuguese troops, while the expansions will showcase one Coalition army that opposed Napoleon.

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DesignerRichard Borg
LanguageEnglish edition
Editionlatest printing
Time90 - 120 mins
Minimum Age 12
# of players 2 - 2
ThemesCommand & Colors, War
MechanicsBattle, card-driven battle