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In the Palm of Your Hand

Gameplay: One player (Child) must “mime” memories depicted on the cards by using objects in the hand of another player (Grandfather), whose eyes are shut.

  • $34.95

Léon’s souvenir box fascinates his grandchildren: “Let’s mime the pictures to recreate grandfather’s memories!” He closes his eyes, holds out his hand, and the children mime out his memories with objects from his souvenir box. Will Léon be able to guess which memory his grandchildren drew in the palm of his hand?

-A game that perfectly marries imagination and tactile recognition

-An original and emotional game experience

-Contains a cooperative and a competitive version of the games

-Beautifully illustrated cards

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LanguageEnglish edition
Time20 - 30 mins.
Minimum Age 10
# of players 2 - 8
Mechanicscooperative play