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Lost Cities The Card Game with 6th Expedition

Start expeditions to explore ancient archaelogical sites. Manage your cards well, or you will lose points!

  • $18.95

In this addictive two-player card game, players start expeditions they believe will pay off at the end of the round. Hedge your bets to reap an even greater score. But be careful! If you don't score the minimum amount, you will lose even more points.

For the daring and adventerous, there are too many lost cities to seek and explore. The search can take you to the Himalayas, the Brazilian rain forest, the ever-shifting sands of the desert, ancient volcanoes and to Neptune’s Realm. Of course, one cannot go everywhere with limited resources so the players must choose which expeditions to begin and which to leave to others. Those with high confidence may have the opportunity to up the stakes: increasing the rewards for success, but risking more should the expedition fail. The player who finds the right balance will have successful expeditions. Too many expeditions will put a strain on limited resources and yield failure. Too few may guarantee success, but not victory!

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DesignerReiner Knizia
LanguageEnglish edition
Edition6th Expedition
Time20 - 30 mins.
Minimum Age 10
# of players 2 - 2
Mechanicscard column battles