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Castle Panic: The Wizard's Tower

Your Castle has been rebuilt, and a friendly Wizard has joined your forces....you'll need his help because the Monsters have returned stronger, faster, smarter, and with new abilities to threaten the Castle!

  • $29.95


A friendly Wizard, Thalgar, has joined the battle. As long as his Tower stands, you and your friends have access to a new deck of powerful magic spell cards.

Face off against magical Imps, evasive flying creatures, fire-breathing monsters and more. Make your stand against six new, dangerous Mega Boss Monsters, including the Dragon and Necromancer.

Use fire to attack the Monsters, but beware, your Walls and Towers can be burned down as well!

The challenge is high but so is the adventure. Can you survive more panic and defend The Wizard’s Tower?

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DesignerJustin De Witt
LanguageEnglish edition
Time60 - 75 mins.
Minimum Age 12
# of players 1 - 6