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Castle Panic: The Dark Titan

Lay siege to the castle with the Dark Titan, Agnarok! This 8-point monster also brings a new army (and more panic!), including the Dark Sorceress, Elite Monsters, and a Boom Troll! But, fear not! You can fight back with the Cavalier, Boiling Oil, and Support Tokens!

  • $19.95


Players must stand together more than ever as The Dark Titan Agranok returns from banishment seeking vengeance. He will lay seige to your Castle with help from new Monsters, such as the Dark Sorceress, Elite Monsters, and a Boom Troll.

You get more reinforcements with the Cavalier, Boiling Oil, and Support Tokens, such as the Supply Wagon. Play them wisely and you could save the Castle. But Agranok and his team have many tricks and can overpower you if you don’t stay alert!

What's different?

Second Edition
includes all new art, heavier card stock, and a few rules updates.

• Agranok cornes in 5 difficulty levels for high replayability
• Support tokens bring help from the Monster bag for the first time
• Cavalier allows players to take the fight to the Monsters
• Herald mechanic builds tension as Agranok draws near

Learn more about Castle Panic: The Dark Titan on boardgamegeek.com

DesignerJustin De Witt
LanguageEnglish edition
Time60 - 75 mins.
Minimum Age 12
# of players 1 - 6